Located in Lake Barrington Illinois, BlueVue Inc is an innovative forward thinking Global Supply Chain Company that has successfully been in business for more than a decade.

We are able to provide cost effective pricing for any DIY project workers and high-volume pricing accommodations for contractors and retail vendors. With our direct communication connection with our factories we are able to facilitate quicker and more efficient solutions and products. Our 20+ years in the bathroom remodeling industry and our expertise of product development, procurement and distribution has been essential in our success and has enabled us to introduce highly innovative products to the public such as our leak-proof gasket solutions and Toilet Armor (patent pending). Our many successes in the last 10 years has allowed us to spend time making goals and action plans on how to expand our company mission and visualizing what that would look like in the future. During that time we became aware of a need that was not being met, to what we consider to be full capacity. It became a primary aspiration of ours, to have the ability to provide and accommodate the continuation of the rapidly growing demand for ADA compliant products. Our safety program features grab bars, multiple size walk-thru tub products and shower stoppers.

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