Q: I have a trip lever that opens and closes my tub drain. Does the Perfect Fit Gasket work with my trip lever?

A: Yes, the Perfect Fit Gasket has a trip lever gasket kit with a specially-designed trip lever to accommodate our gasket design. Please specify that you have a lever overflow in your order.


Q: Do you have trip lever overflow?

A: Yes we do!


Q: Would your kit work on my overflow plate which has two screws, one on each side, instead of your overflow plate which only has a center screw?

A: Yes. First, use two screws to secure the gasket together with the aluminum ring to the tub, then use the center screw to screw the overflow plate to the aluminum ring.


Q: What's the difference between your BVT-3OFS and your BIG-3OFS products?

A: The BVT-3OFS series includes our regular size gasket (2 15/16" outer diameter) and cover (3 1/8" diameter), with a light blue gasket. This size is recommended for overflows which mount with two screws, one on each side. The BIG-3OFS series is our larger size gasket (3 1/4" outer diameter) and cover (3 5/8" diameter), with a dark blue gasket. This size is recommended both for overflows which mount with two side screws, as well as overflows which mount with one screw, directly in the middle.


Q: I have an overflow with a center screw. Will your product work?

A: Yes. In this situation, we recommend using our BIG size products (with dark blue gaskets for easy identification). These are specially designed with tabs on the back of the overflow cover for optimal water flow.


Q: Where can I find your products?

A: Currently we only operate through online stores. We are available here on our website, on Wayfair.com, Amazon.com, and Ebay.com. Choosing a platform is all about your convenience and the services you prefer.


Q: Can I call in to make an order? 

A: Yes you can! However, there is a $2.00 phone ordering fee, as it takes so much more time to process than online orders and our staff is only so large.


Q: Do you offer any bulk discounts?

A: Yes we do! At this time, these can only be accessed by calling in, but the prices for our products reduce at 12 pieces and again at 100 and 500 pieces, mixed and matched from our catalogue.  


Q: My package never arrived!! What do I do?

A: Contact us by phone or email at customerservice@bluevueinc.com as soon as you think something is wrong. We treat every order as a case-by-case basis and understand that sometimes, things go wrong. We will track down what happened to your package for you with the carrier and, depending on the outcome, we will send you another product at no cost to you.


Q: What kind of adhesive do I use to install your drains?

A: No adhesive is necessary! Our non-threaded drains come with adjustable, snap-in prongs on sides, made accommodate any size drain.


Q: Can I use my existing cover with your standard size overflow gasket?

A: Unfortunately, there are no competitor covers that are deep enough to account for the unique design and size of our leak-proof gasket. Using a shallow cover may create inadequate drainage.


Q: I have an ADA Compliant Toilet. Will Toilet Armor fit my toilet?

A: Yes! Toilet Armor was designed as a one-size-fits-all toilet cover.


Q: I need a shower stopper and I only see one size that I can purchase. Do you have other sizes?

A: Our shower stopper measures 60 ½” long and stand 1 ¼” high. You can adjust the length of the shower stopper by cutting it to the size you need.


Q: Where are you able to ship to?

A: We are able to accommodate shipping requests through the United States, Domestic Contiguous and Non-Contiguous and to Canada!


Q: What if I need to return my order?

A: We do our best to take each situation case-by-case and are happy to work with your individual setup to help you find success with our products. Sometimes, the only option available is to return, and we understand! Contact us by email or phone, and we will send you a label you can use to return your item(s). For details, please refer to the Return Policy available here: https://shop.bluevueinc.com/pages/faqs


Q: I see two options for toilet Armor. How do I know which one to buy?

A: The Premier Edition has 300G printing and comes in a brilliant white heavy canvas. The Standard Edition is made of 200G printing and comes in an almond color heavy canvas. Both editions of Toilet Armor (patent pending) are made to accommodate heavy usage and are machine washable.


Q: What is the cut-off time for same-day shipping?

A: We have a cut-off time of 2:00pm central standard time. Any orders that are received after the cut-off will be processed and filled the next business day.


Installation for Snap-In Drains

    Installation Video for One Hole Overflow Gasket Kit

     Installation Video for Trip Lever Gasket Kit