Our products have been providing break-through, one-of-a-kind protection for more than 10+ years. Having technology readily available has boosted awareness of many of the unique solutions BlueVue has to offer. Our overflow solutions have been providing protection to names you already are familiar with and may interact with on a regular basis. From places like Marriott, Hyatt, La Quinta Inn’s and Holiday Inn. This type of safe guard protection can be utilized in apartment homes, condos and single family homes. Below are some of the feedback our customers have given us.



"I’ve been in this business for more than 25+ years and ive never seen a toilet cover. it used to take me over 10 minutes to be sure all areas were covered before starting any project. The Toilet Armor takes 30 seconds! I have all my painters, tub spray tech’s and plumbers, anyone I send out to work in a client’s home, out with this cover. Even when we do a consult or quote, the homeowners are impressed we have such a professional look to protect their toilet."
~Andrew, Santa Fe, NM



"I've never seen anything like the Perfect Fit Gasket Kit! I’ve been a certified plumber for over 10 years and cannot believe how easy this is to install! The gasket provides my customer reassurance that they will not have a leak problem again. Compared to the old ones, this design is killing it!"
~Harrison, Billings, MT

Home Owner


"I was so impressed by the consideration that our contractor showed when he took the time to cover my toilet while remodeling my bathroom. There was no way that any damage could be done or that any paint could end up on it. I was really wow’ed by his customer service and will only use him in the future!"
~Samantha, Phoenix, AZ



"Toilet Armor is a fast and easy way to cover the toilet. I don’t have to worry about damaging the surface if I need to use the toilet as a ladder to reach the high point in the room."
~Pat, Detroit, MI

Spray Guys


"Every customer asks if we can replace the overflow cover and drains since we are not plumbers, we always turn them down. We don’t like turning away our customers business. But with using the Perfect Fit Gasket Kit, we no longer need to tell them No. So we can make more profit and a better impression with the customer."
~Joseph, Atlanta GA