What!? You don't wrap your toilet?

The Real Deal on Toilet Armor

Toilet Armor. The only toilet cover known……. Anywhere!

I know. And Yes, Toilet Armor. (patent pending) You’re already thinking, hmm, I wonder what I can find online? Can it really be the only thing like it? I’m sure I can use the search engine box and find something like it. I mean come on, it is black Friday! You can find everything on sale today. Well yes, you can find it online. Its currently available for purchase! :) Of course, I would search for myself before putting everything out there for all of you to see and read! I looked through A LOT of pictures of plastic disposable ring shaped covers, the most ‘Luxurious” fluffy lid covers and viewed listings (many listings) of what looked like spousal arguments over someone leaving the seat up (my bet is the cat). But Nope. I came up empty handed. I found nothing that I could compare Toilet Armor to.


Admit it! I had your attention at wrapping your toilet! Now that you took the time to check for yourself to see if there’s anything like it. Yes, I assumed you checked. My husband would tell you, she likes to think she knows what people are going to do or say but she’s not always right. (that’s a whole different blog) But honestly, if I were going to buy something, of course I would be doing my research. I want something that I know will be reliable, preferably something that isn’t a one-time use style but could still be pocket-friendly. Toilet Armor is such an innovative product and can be easily installed by anyone looking to add protection to their toilet fixture. If you’re finally getting to that bathroom remodel project that your family has made clear needs to be done or if you’re the contractor going in to do work in a customer’s home, this cover provides peace of mind by protecting the surface from any damage that could be made during even the smallest of projects. Trying to remove or repair scratches, dents, or even paint from a surface can be so troublesome and costly, too. Sometimes even resulting in having to buy a new toilet because the damage is beyond repair.


So, OK. You get it. I’m providing you a product that will give you peace of mind and usually that’s enough for someone to believe in a product.

But in case you need just a little more to go on: TOILET ARMOR is many different ABLE’s · Reliable: Made of high-quality canvas, anti-slip silicone and PVC printing.

· Durable: Toilet Armor has stitching that is double reinforced to ensure longevity of your investment.

· Washable/Reusable: If washed per instructions, Toilet Armor can be re-used for multiple projects.

· Affordable: $39.95


We talked how Toilet Armor works and what it can do for you (whether you’re a DIY project go-getter or a contractor those benefits would be the same). But what about reputation? How can it provide in building a reputation? Did you know that 89% of consumers say they have switched business to a competitor due to a poor customer service experience? Toilet Armor is a Premier Choice among professional contractors because of its quality materials, affordable price and the visual proof of professionalism it provides when you visit your customer’s home.

Let’s face it, having the right tools and equipment to complete any task is always important. Toilet Armor will provide all the important “Able” qualities you’re looking for without breaking the bank.

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