Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I call in to make an order?

BlueVue does not take orders over the phone. For larger orders by business customers and/or contractors, please refer to our Wholesaler Program

Q: Do you offer any bulk discounts?

Yes. If your order consists of 24 or more pieces of merchandise, please contact us for discount rates.

Q: My package never arrived. What do I do? 

Using your specific order and tracking number, we will investigate what happened to your package. If the shipping provider happens to lose your package, we will ship out another product at no cost to you.

Q: Where are you able to ship to?

Please refer to our Shipping Policy

Q: What if I need to return my order?

Please refer to our Returns and Refunds page

Q: What is the cut-off time for overnight shipping?

Our cut-off time for overnight shipping is 3:30 PM CST the same business day. Any orders received after 3:30 PM CST will be processed the following business day.

Christmas Eve cut off time 12:30 PM CST

Holiday cut off time 12/28-1/31 is 1:30 PM CST the same business day.



Q: Where can I find your products? Are they available in-store anywhere?

We are currently working to make our products available at a retail store near you. Currently, our products are only available online through the following platforms:

Q: What kind of overflow drain do I have? Which overflow gasket kit would best fit my drain?


Two-Hole Overflow

single screw mount overflow


Single-Hole Overflow

one hole overflow


Trip Lever Overflow

double screw overflow mount


Center-Bar Overflow

one bar


Clawfoot Overflow

three hole overflow



Q: What's the difference between your light blue (regular-sized) and dark blue (BIG: larger-sized) products?

The BIG gasket covers a larger area than our regular-sized gasket to hide rust damage around the rim of the overflow pipe. See below for an example of rust damage.

single screw rust

The BIG gasket also works for one-screw, two-screw, and in some cases, trip lever overflow pipes. The regular-sized gasket is only intended for two-screw overflows.

In other words, the BIG gasket works for more drain systems.

Q: Can I use my own cover with your overflow gasket?

Yes, but we strongly recommend you purchase a BlueVue cover for optimal water flow, as our covers are specifically designed with a larger depth.

Q: Does your overflow gasket work for my cover that has one screw on each side?

Yes. See graphic above for your specific overflow pipe (two-screw overflow).

Q: Does your overflow gasket work for my cover with a center screw?

Yes, our BIG series with a larger outer diameter will work for your cover with a center screw. See graphic above for your specific overflow pipe (one-screw overflow).

Q: Does your overflow gasket work for trip lever drains? 

Yes. See graphic above for your specific overflow pipe (trip-lever overflow).

Q: How do I install my BlueVue product?

Please refer to our instructional video page for DIY installation. 


Q: What kind of adhesive do I use to install your drains?

No adhesive is necessary to install BlueVue drains. 

Q: I have an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant Toilet. Will your Toilet Armor product fit my toilet? 

Yes. Our patented Toilet Armor is one-size-fits-all. 

Q: I see two options for Toilet Armor. Which one should I buy?

300G Toilet Armor has a heavier density with a white canvas. 200G Toilet Armor is of a slightly lighter density with an almond-colored canvas. We recommend purchasing the option that best fits your specific needs and preferences. 

Q: I need a shower stopper and I only see one size that I can purchase. Do you have other sizes? 

Our shower stopper measures 60 ½” long and stands 1 ¼” high. You can adjust the length of the shower stopper by cutting it to the size you need.