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Great part

Very clever design on this overflow gasket. I tried my best to match by appearance the overflow on my tub with the picture guide on the product page. Even though it looked like a match, it just didn't quite fit. It might help to have a couple more photos or a link to an installation video with the same type of overflow on the page. Anyway, always a great experience shopping with this company.

Perfect fit!

Fit perfectly and looks great! Can't find this diameter and thread count of drain at the big box stores. This and the new overflow really tie my tub together.

Awesome product!

What a life changing product! I bought a new bathtub overflow gasket and it didn’t cut it. Now with this, it has eliminated my worries for a long, long time. I’m already telling other’s about this genius product!

Great product

This was so much easier to install than trying to fish out the old gasket and put a new one back in. Quick install and I think it is a much better design than the original sealing system. I'm glad I stumbled upon your product via YouTube.

Hard to Find Part Was Perfect

Drain shoes with 14 threads per inch are not easy to find. We were hoping for the toe touch version but ended up settling for the lift and turn version because it was the only one we could find with 14tpi. It fit, which is what we needed.

BIG Overflow Gasket and Overflow Cover Kit for Stopping Tub Leaks

No leaks

Great product

Unbelievable product

This is a great product. Wondering why more folks don't know about it. U should sell it to Lowes and home Depot. Many plumbers don't even know about it. I was so impressed, I wish I could invest in it and help ur company take this to the next level


I ordered the rare thread size tub drain 14 teeth per inch that came correct but the drain did not work it was a "lift and twist" but the stopper would not stay up and just flopped in the breeze. apparently missing a ring or an O-ring in one of the grooves. I had to rig it up still but at least it did screw in and came in a fairly timely fashion.


Works great, easy to install EXCEPT, the bolts were way too big for my setup, so I had to use the old bolts (which are way shorter, but just fit) to attach the disc to the drain. I hope that holds up. I wish they included two different sizes, as I think mine are standard.

Better Mouse Trap!

This kit is ingenious! Easy to install and no way this can leak! My contractor installed the gasket incorrectly so the bath tub overflow was leaking badly. This is a far better solution than the conventional gasket. I would highly recommend this product without hesitation. My only complaint is that it is not available through local big box stores. I live in Canada so I had to deliver to a U.S. mailbox for pickup.

Just what I needed

Great quality fast delivery. Worked perfect for the tight area I had. Definitely a little too high of price but no others out there

Fast shipping and just as described , easy install

Great solution for side drain shower pans

Great solution for side drain shower pans and easy to work with. Including DIY'ers!

Leak free

Saw this flange on U tube, it really belongs in every plumbing supply store, HD, Lowes, etc. It really works and easy to use. Strongly recommend!

Drain obstruction

Remodel puts shower drain centered exactly over top of I-Joist, imagine that. This product allowed me to relieve part of the top of the I-Joist and exit to the main drain line without destroying the joist, nice product.

Joe likes great product

Fantastic solution to floor joist in way of planned drain path. Bore drain hole and just remove couple of inches of joist making a shallow notch on top of joist about 3-4” long and 2” deep, side vent PVC drain sits on top of notched out joist. WAY better than removing a joist section and doing lots of carpentry to open a drain path, not to mention the possible complexity of pipes and wires running thru the space between joists where your drain would go. My guess is they will sell these side outlet drains by the millions. Product could be improved by making chrome drain cover screen able to be screwed in versus snap in. Also instructions about installing, none were in my package. Specifically, order of washer placement, directions to remove pop off drain screen so as to find 2 notches to use in tightening down screw in drain flange, and what tool to use to accomplish the tightening of the flange. I bought a “spanner ‘H’ shaped wrench” to go into the hand tightened flange and engage the 2 notches inside the drain. Also, the 2” side opening was too tight to get a 2” PVC pipe inserted more than about 1/4” so I used a sharp wide wood chisel and shaved off a small amount of PVC material by scraping all around the end of the piece to be inserted into side drain opening, worked great. I’d definitely buy this side drain item again although I’d like to see the price come down from the $56 I paid, but saved a lot of work that would have been required had this solution not been available.

Hard to find

Worked great, just what I need

Saved Me Thousands!!

Brilliant product! After a very unscrupulous plumber told us our leak was going to cost thousands to repair because he was going to have to replace several feet of pipe after tearing open several walls I sought a second and third opinion. The second plumber came in and within minutes pointed out the leak was from the seal around the overflow pipe. He said, “This is such an easy fix I wouldn’t feel right charging you anything.” He then suggested Blue Vue. I cancelled the third estimate, fired the first plumber and ordered the BlueVue
BIG Overflow Gasket and Overflow Cover Kit for Stopping Tub Leaks. When the kit arrived a couple of days later I fixed my own leak in under two minutes for less than $35. I highly recommend this product and always, always get a second opinion.

Great idea but could’ve been better!

I have a 3-hole pipe (2 on the side, 1 in the center) for overflow in the tub. One day the overflow gasket fell during the shower. It turned out that two old rusty screws were broken. The broken pieces were stuck in the pipe. I had one hole left for a new overflow cover. Moreover, it appeared that it was impossible to fill the gap with a regular angled rubber gasket btw the tube wall and the pipe.

I happened to find this product while navigating on Youtube hoping to find some solutions. This was exactly what I needed!!!
- Great idea to have a tube insert!!!! : 5-star
- Installation : 3-star, I technically had only 1-hole left. It wasn't clear how to align with 2-hole of metal plate. It was helpful that some reviewer mentioned to rotate 45 degrees for 1-hole installation.
- Overflow cover quality : 3-star, The cover has some scoffs outside. It was not well treated inside. Hope it doesn't get rusty from water/moisture over time.
- Fit : 2-star, first of all the silicon is too thick for the overflow cover! The cover cannot flush against the tub wall! I also read some reviews complaining about thicker silicon than the cover in 2020. It is disappointing that this hasn't been improved over the years! :(
After the installation, you still see the blue silicon through the gap between the cover and the tub wall. Now the silicon rim is exposed. I needed to make sure the water was not leaking through. Put some clear sealant around the rim. I'm not a caulking expert so the clumsy sealant finish is also visible with blue silicon. After all, it's leak proof!! :)
Hope this helps the company improve their product representing their great idea!

BlueVue Bathtub Overflow Cover

Home owners best buddy.

Great product, easy to install and the best design . Hats off to your great product.

Overflow gasket

Excellent product and stellar customer service!

Perfect Solution

That was a perfect solution to our leaking problem when someone would take a bath. There was no seal for the overflow drain, and it would have been difficult to install a seal from behind the bathtub due to access issues. My ten year old installed this with no issues.