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No more leak!

My previous overflow gasket fit poorly and leaked, resulting in a big wet spot on the ceiling in the living room located under the master bathroom. I acknowledge there is some possibility that the problem with the previous one was installer error, but regardless, the Bluevue overflow gasket is a great product. Installer error resulting in a leak is extremely unlikely with this product unless the installer is an even bigger doofus than me!

Best solution!

This product works exactly as advertised. Pretty much guarantees the elimination of any leaks. This was so much easier to install than replacing the existing sealant ring!

Great Head

Excellent water flow, nice height.


I ordered bluevue overflow gasket and it did not cover hole opening. Very disappointed.

Glad this product exists. Works as described and easy to install.

Easy installation to solve the problem

It is kind of pricy but worth it if the leaking problem can be solved "permanently." The shipping was fast. The product looked solid and installation was easy. I haven't tested it yet but this design should solve the leaking issue I have. The cover plate provided covers the drain hole well. However I have some black rusty spots around the drain hole that can be seen through the water inlets of the cover plate. For that I hope the water inlets of the cover plate can be a bit smaller to cover of the imperfection.

Perfect for a Raised Shower Base

I installed a bathroom in the basement with a raised shower base and this item worked perfectly. For anyone interested I installed the Delta classic 500 shower base with plastic supports (no mortar base required). I used a diamond wheel with an angle grinder to grind out a channel in the plastic supports to allow for clearance of the 3" piping. The modification did not compromise the base supports. The shower enclosure is floating to allow for maintenance. Would recommend this drain when you need the clearance. Well-built, no leaks.

Side Outlet Drain Assembly, 1.5" and 2.0"

Rare to find and worked

I was looking for 1-5/8 with 14 TPI which is part number 35250. No local stores had anything except chrome. All other products on Amazon and stores didn’t fit. Really happy this did for my 35+ year old European thread. Shipping was quick and it arrived on time.



Great Company!

I wanted to personally thank Ari, She was helpful and knowledgeable. I need it this part fast and she made it happen!

Thank you Bluevue for being a well run company.


Fortunately, I found your product. The most efficient way to replace overflow gaskets.

Great product

This gasket is easy to install & works!!
Highly recommend!

Excellent Product, Even Better Customer Service

The BlueVue overflow gasket has solved my leaking bathtub problem! After finding this product online, I mistakenly ordered the wrong version and had to call BlueVue--they were so helpful, emailed me a return label for the wrong parts and shipped me the correct ones. I highly recommend BlueVue, both for products and customer service!

Exactly what I needed!

My bathtub was installed horribly by the previous “plumber”. I bought a new tub gasket from the plumbing supply and a BlueVue kit. Solved my problems - no water will ever drip behind the tub.

I was worried about the holes in the BlueVue flange, but they’re large enough to accommodate a 1/4”+ snake with ease. 👍🏻👍🏻

Excellent customer service

I recently purchased a drain and accidentally put in the incorrect address. I called right away and the customer service person was great. Not only did the address get corrected but I was able to get it shipped out right away. The customer service rep was super helpful, courteous and professional.

Love the product.

Easy to install and worked perfectly. No more leak. This product is a game changer. Love it!

Side outlet drain assembly

Perfect and arrived on time!

BIG Overflow Gasket and Overflow Cover Kit for Stopping Tub Leaks


much like some other comments this product made a shower basin remodel installation after removal of a tub surround possible. I was faced w/critical support joists between my new basin drain hole and the existing plumbing. Luckily the joists were already notched and only required slightly more work.
I was glad to have found this as my plumber who did the work had no clue it existed. I would buy from here as some of the products on amazon-perhaps knock offs-may have misleading details on the outlet diameter or contain a rubber adapter to downsize. I needed a true 1 and 1/2 outlet. very much a bargain

The part I needed

After trying a few different products I found their overflow gasket and it was just what I needed. It was easy to install and it shipped to Canada quite quickly. My only complaint would be the shipping and handling costs were unusually high for such a small item.


So far so good. It was for client. Thank you will order again..

Easy fix

The product was exactly as described and the fix was simple and easy.

No adapter

I ordered a hard to find 14 TPI tub drain plug and that was great, but the overflow plate that I also ordered didn’t come with the 2 hole to 1 adapter like most other covers come with. I should’ve just purchased it at a department store.