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Problem Solver

I needed a solution to install a shower drain in my bathroom remodeling project. The side discharge shower drain saved me tons of money and time.

My order is not ok i just receive one and i pay for 2 can you check that for me

Works but

Gasket stopped the leak. But the screws are too large to screw into the plumbing therefore, I could not use the trip lever. I had to reuse the old screws and trip lever. I sent an email to Bluevue but got no response.

Easy to install, no more leaks

Really well designed product. Glad I got the BlueVue lever too, as it has tabs to better secure the gasket ring top and bottom.

Fixed my leaking overflow drain in 2 minutes

Outstanding product. Just what I needed to fix my leaking overflow drain in vinyl insert over cast iron tub. Saved the ceiling below.

Simple solution

I place them into my bathtubs, the caulking (which is really not needed) took longer than the installation. Simple design, easy install, and relatively inexpensive...what more can I say. Thanks again for this great product!

Works well

Really quick easy fix for my problem. Older tub ( late 50’s ). Had to replace tub drain linkage. New faceplate didn’t quite fit. Didn’t want to monkey around with washer/flange. This was a great fix for us

Love it

Solved my issue, I have no complaints.

Overflow Gasket

This overflow gasket kit was very quick and easy to install (no plumbing experience). And it fixed my leaky overflow valve. Awesome product!

Great seal and deal

I used this gasket to eliminate a leak in my tub overflow drain. It was easy to install and had no leaks whatsoever when tested.

Great product.

A previous purchase solved a problem that three years ago caused extensive damage to the ceiling below. This time, a different tub had a similar problem so I'm not waiting and bought the big gasket kit again.

Awesome product

I had an old tub and couldnt find the gasket and home depot nor lowes. This part worked great!!

Great improvement to an old problem

Worked like a charm

I’m satisfied with it. Like others have said the screw was to short had to use the old screw.


Easy to install. Work well. Received it in 10 days in Quebec.

Great application

Works wonderful for right spaces

Thanks Bluevue

High quality. Well priced!!!

Should have option for longer screw

Great product but the single 2" screw was too short to secure it. I have to purchase a longer screw.

Delivery was great Disappointed not able to use because of effort required to operate lever for drain The additional effort was to much for my 96 year old mother

BIG Overflow Gasket and Overflow Cover Kit for Stopping Tub Leaks

Product #BIG-30FS-C

Great customer service, but the product needs to be improve
1. Screw provided is short with 1 hole overflow pipe application
2. the threads on the provided bracket is prevent the screw reaching to the overflow pipe thread, causing the rubber is not shielding against the tub.

Great service – is so refreshing

I placed the online line order & received confirmation and shipping info email in less than 24hrs! I received my order in less than a week! Installation was quick & easy and the product works like a charm! You can’t beat that! A+ rating

Excellent product!!

Overflow pipe was installed too high, so even though I had to cut an access into the back of the shower to correct the piping, I used the overflow gasket kit. This is a no-brainer since it directs the water into the overflow pipe versus relying on just a gasket. Very clever fix!

Super quick delivery and great product

I received the kit the next day, which was super fast and totally unexpected. The kit looks like it's well made. Installation was a breeze and so far, it has performed well.