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Excellent Product!

The old gasket in my bathtub overflow had rotted out and was causing water to leak to the ceiling below. I learnt about the BlueVue in my search for a replacement gasket. I watched the demonstration video. It looked easy enough so I decided to give the product a try. The product arrived quickly. Installation was a breeze. No mess. No caulking or adhesive. It worked. No more leaks! I am purchasing another one for a second bathroom as a preventive.


I searched for a very hard to find plumbing part (a 1 and 5/8” drain trim; the current universal standard is 1.5") for a bathtub from the late 1970s. They had it! Got it quickly. Very high quality product, fair price, speedy delivery. What more can you ask for. Thanks!

Great solution for overflow

I loved this item as soon as I saw it and ordered it immediately. It feels so secure and was the perfect thing to solve my overflow problem.

Great product

This overflow cover kit is so smart and easy to install! It really saved us a lot of time and money.

So Disappointed

Sorry to tell you that the Overflow Gasket and COver will not fit on our Bathtub. The overflow piping sticks out too far to use either the gasket or the cover. The Flip Top Drain works fine after a little adjustment.

Smart Design.

The design is so smart it simplifies replacing the old face plate and the rubber gasket behind it.

Very prompt customer service

Having a service industry business I appreciate great customer service. Blue Vue answered a technical question very promptly and correctly. Could track order and came on time. Will use them again instead of the hassles sometimes with Amazon. You were even less expensive. Keep up the great work culture. Michael

Big Overflow inside lever slightly too long

Over phone, I was told by telephone support that the only difference between Big and Normal size is the diameter of the round plate. Not true. I found out that the inside lever is much longer. Big one barely works on my tub. I don't want to send it in for exchange (shipping charges). I wish the telephone support knew their product little better.

Also, there is a design flaw. Water can leak in through the two screw holes. I had to use thin hemp rope like a plumber's tape.

Great Fix

Had to purchase 2 bolts to custom fit our tub, but worked well, installed in a few minutes. Problem solved.

Exactly what I needed.

This seemed to have a lot better quality than any other drain I’ve tried to install. No only is it good quality but it’s the only size that I could find that’ll fit my old cast iron tub. I recommend this if you’re looking for a new drain.

Love it!!

I love this product. This is how tub overflow should of been designed from the beginning. Wife filled soaker tub to below overflow got in noticed nothing until neighbor below had their ceiling fall down. Pipe never aligned correctly so original gasket wasn't even touching no matter how tight you screwed it down,

Works great

It fit the spot, and works great.

Side outlet shower drain

Worked well, prompt delivery,

Love it

Couldn't move the overflow pipe to get the old original gasket out. First thought was a cover for the overflow, to use while taking a bath. Then I stumbled on this. It works great and was so easy to install. Already recommended to a friend and he bought one too. The old design makes no sense to me, this one is a no brainer. Was impressed that even the screws had a washer to actually keep things watertight.


It arrived super fast and it works like a charm!! That was a clever design. Anyone can install it!!

It was the wrong size

The one I Purchased didn’t work. The bar in the middle was in the way.

Great product

Exactly what we needed to repair 40 year old tubs with degraded overflows. Covers the tub overflow entry point perfectly.

Great product

For me, it was a plan b - the overflow pipe didn’t quite line up perfectly with the new tub (my own fault lol) so this product hopefully ensures that there won’t be any leaks from the over flow. Installs in seconds and the shipping was very quick. Great product

shower drain

great product, it worked for my tight shower floor space, would recommend to anyone with small floor space.

tub over flow

Tub over flow with gasket worked very well. I also got a drain cover. Unfortunately the screw threads were messed up and I could not use it.

Broke off trip lever

Great product! Blu view helped but I didn’t get the correct cover that accommodates the silocone but received a trip lever instead. I don’t want a new silocone t need a deeper two hole cover to work for thickness and to allow more water room to overflow

Well Made Fit Perfectly Looks Great

Review Title Says It All

Bolt not long enough

The concept is great, but the supplied bolt for the face plate was too short. It needs to be about 3/4" - 1" longer.