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Easiest fix ever

I had a second floor bathtub overflow gasket leak that showed up in my wife's office as an upside Bellagio fountain coming out of her ceiling light fixture. It was during the torrential rains so I wasn't sure what the cause was. I cut a hole in the ceiling sheetrock, stuck my head up there and all was dry. When the water damaged occurred, she was, not coincidentally, taking a bath. I looked at the overflow gasket in that tub....what gasket? It was completely gone. I bought a regular overflow gasket and I haven't sworn like that in a while trying to fit it in. I succeeded but I hated it.

So I bought 3 BlueVue overflow gaskets, all with the trap lever as I have 3 bathtubs. It literally took me 4 minutes a tub to replace them. The only problem I had was the cotter pin they supplied was too thick so I reused the original ones. And I tested all of them (sheetrock still open for the upstairs bathrooms), and absolutely no leaks. Now I don't have to think about them for the rest of my life. A superior product.

Great Product

I had a to modify a little bit but overall this was a great product. Also great help from customer support.

Solved my problem

Had a old tub with a 3inch diameter hole. The pluming didn’t match up perfectly leaving a 1/8th inch gap at the top when using a standard overflow cap from any major retailer.

This product covered the gap and made a solid seal around the hole. Very clever simple product. Thanks.

Sealed correctly finally!

We just had both of our 60 year old tubs re-finished and the overflow openings were a mess because of trapped water by the rear facing seals. These fix that problem so we should be leak free and sealed correctly (from the front finished side) for a very long time now. Excellent concept and execution. We only needed to cut a slit in the top of the silicone overflow to accommodate the flip lever at the full drain position. The silicone was preventing the lever from staying in place. Easy!

Great product, very pleased.

Needed to get two bathrooms in shape for my daughter's move in to her new house, when conveniently, found the solution to the tub overflows, and I knew right away that it was perfection. Ordered, two of them, got them quickly and got the two tubs upgraded in less than 20 minutes.
Thank you for such great, well thought design !!! I'm an advocate now.

Awesome invention.

Every new tub should be installed with this attachment on top of the gaskets to make the installation more safe for water leaks specially in apartment buildings to avoid headaches and costly repairs with other tenants.

Blue vue

Hello, thank you for following up my order. I received it last week or 10 days ago and I loved it very very much. In fact, Blue vue is my life saving. I am very satisfied with this product.

Brilliant solution to overflow gasket replacement

This product is a creative solution to the replacement of a bathtub overflow gasket. It directs all the overflow into a very short flexible tube rather than relying on a tight fit with a conventional gasket.
I had a little trouble getting the new trip lever to fit perfectly with my previous trip drain assembly. It would be nice to get some instructions! There are some helpful Youtubes available to give encouragement.

Thumbs up

Sent BlueVue a picture of my tub drain (hole in center), they recommended to me which product I should purchase. Bought on a Thursday, delivered by Monday. Straight forward install.. So far so good!! Cheers to no more ceiling leaks!


Great products
Makes it much easier than changing the rubber seal inside the overflow. Easy and does the job better as well.
Worth the extra money.

Great, it fixed my issue, very cleaver design.

I was able to use this to get over the rusted bottom of the tub drain lip.
I used expanding foam to fill in behind it, then some plastic epoxy on top of the foam to reform the hole. Then inserted this Big BlueVue to reach the drain tub and go over the damage to keep any overflow from causing more damage.


Shipped to Ontario Canada . Quick delivery and product was just as described. Thanks 😊

Big Overflow gasket

I just installed it and it looks to be the solution to my problem. Great product!

Tub Overflow plate

Excellent product and quality, but it would be helpful if you made the plate a little larger to cover rust that develops around the overflow. Honestly, there are hardly any companies that make larger plates and yours being a half inch larger than a standard one is just not enough.

Big Overflow Gasket

This was the simple-but-perfect solution to a tub leak that has plagued me for 12.5 years. Thank you, thank you, Blue Vue!

Delivered as ordered

Assembly worked as expected - converting from a tub to a shower base drain. However it does not include a tool to properly tighten the drain. Had to purchase one separately.

Time Matters

I received the correct product, but it was too small. I prefer shopping brick and mortar for this reason. Dripping water is so very costly- time matters

Excellent Customer Service

Quick refund even before returning item.
Definitely recommend!

Economical Repair

Fast shipping, great cost effective product. Very happy with BlueVue service.

Easy fix

Worked as advertised

Awesome product

My retainer bracket had rusted out, my gasket was an odd flat shape, and the drainage hole edges of the tub were starting to rust. This solved all three problems at once. Amazing product I highly recommend it

Easy to use product

I needed to do change out the bath tub drain and thought I could do this myself, until I removed the old overflow gasket, and due to limitation use of my hands, I was not able to get the gasket on so I went on a search and found this product. Easy to use and it saved me dollars as I was able to do this by myself without hiring a plumber. Should be labeled ADA approved! Ione

Fixed a leaky upstairs overflow drain that has plagued me for YEARS!

I have an overflow drain in an upstairs bathtub that has given me problems for years. When water would go through the overflow drain, the water would often leak into our downstairs hallway. I had tried a few different things with varying degrees of success, but nothing ever actually fixed the problem. Somehow I came across the Bluevue overflow gasket kits recently and ordered one. The design is very well-thought-out, with it effectively bypassing the problematic joint between the overflow drain pipe and the wall of the tub/shower. I'm happy to report that we gave it a test, and the leak seems to be fixed! Thank you so much for this product! I will definitely recommend it to anyone in the future who has a similar problem!