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Superb Product!!

I couldn’t be more happy with your overflow gasket seal kit. It is just what the doctor, er plumber ordered!! I will never be concerned again about my tub leaking. I am telling all of my friends and family members about this excellent solution. You can be assured that when my needs call for this type of project, you will be the first one I choose. It is well designed and just works perfectly.

Did not seal against tub wall

It simply doesn't work. I screwed the parts in place and it just won't seal against the tub wall, leaving a centimeter wide gap between the rubber gasket and the tub. I messed with this thing for an hour turning it every which way and it simply doesn't work.

Still haven't received my order

You ask for my feedback, and here it is. I still haven't received my order after 2 weeks. Sitting somewhere in Indiana.

Incredibly effective product.

I contacted Bluevue about 6 times in a span of two days. NOT once was I made to feel uncomfortable for calling their customer service about my questions. This product is a great invention to solve the leaking in my tub. Extremely easy to install. Well made and included all the parts necessary. It saved me a good $90 from a service call of a plumber. Thank you Seth for your patience and guidance (customer service).

BIG Overflow Gasket, Trip Lever Cover, and Strainer Dome Cover Kit

Works like a charm. Thank you very much

Wrong screw

Customer service reached out to me and offered to sent me a longer screw. Waited for it, but as it turned out, the new screw is still too short. Maybe I have a special tub? Seems pretty standard to me (center hole). I gave up and just went to Home Depot to get the right one. Finally installed.

Got the parts, but the screw was way too short and I couldn't screw it on. I sent emails to the customer service and never heard anything back.

Working great so far!

Super easy installation for anyone and no more leaking from the overflow.

Smart product

Great seal
Easy to install

BlueVue Gaskets are the Best

I would recommend these gaskets. They present a fail-safe way to seal tub drain overflow plumbing.

Very good, but need to figure out better packaging method

Was fairly easy to install and seems to work well. Only downside was that, because of how it was packaged it has a "ripple" in it. I was able to straighten it out mostly, but not completely. Still, a good value.

Fantastic went in so easily would recommend it to anyone

BIG Overflow Gasket and Overflow Cover Kit for Stopping Tub Leaks


Product was exactly what I wanted!! Satisfied with the shipping! I would order from BlueVue again. Thank You!

Worked when a traditional gasket wouldn’t

Tried two other traditional gaskets and still had leaks. Installed this and no’s magic! My stopper lever doesn’t work properly but it works. Basically this was my last resort and it worked!

BIG Overflow Gasket and Overflow Cover Kit for Stopping Tub Leaks

Great solution

Availability in Canada is an issue. With the dollar exchange and shipping cost it got a little expensive but the end result was perfect for our needs.

The ordering process was a breeze. However up to now after 2 weeks, I still haven't receive the package that I order. There is even no email notification as to the status of the shipment.

Hi Arturo --

We just looked into your order number., and it appears that your shipment was sent out the same day you placed the order. However, it still hasn't been delivered by USPS.

By now, you should have received a private e-mail and a free offer for more expedited shipment. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Piece of cake installation

Spoke to the company to pick the right model and it Worked perfectly for us.

Perfect for my very old tub!

I have a very old cast iron tub. Replacing the gasket would have been a chore and may not have even worked (and quite possibly opened more cans of worms in a 120 year old house), so when I found this, I was very excited. Fit perfectly, fast, easy. Got the big one because no amount of scrubbing got off all of the ring of old crud. Covered what remained and looks great! Matched my other new brushed nickel fixtures. Now it’s like a brand new tub!

If you need it in a hurry, I suggest upgrading to faster shipping. Basic USPS shipping took so long, but that’s not BlueVue’s fault. Just a heads up for those that need it fast.

Great product

Great product and fast delivery.

Bluevue over flow gasket

This product works amazi gly!! We had a plumber work on it, we bought a new black gasket and nothing worked until we installed the Bluevue.

Works Perfectly

Old tub that was quoted at $5,000 to replace as the pipes were not accessible. This saved me that trouble and the cost savings was huge.

Works perfectly no issues. Don't hesitate to get this.

Too Small For An Old Tub

I hesitated getting this size because I just wasn't confident it was large enough. But, it was closer to the original hardware diameter I said to my self. So now I'm ordering the BIG one.

Very Pleased!

Big overflow plate and gasket are excellent products and fit perfectly. Installed on an American Standard Americast tub about 25 years old. I put a new OEM gasket in to fill the gap between the tub and overflow drain, then the Blue Vue product. New OEM gasket leaked but when the Blue Vue was used NO LEAKS at all. I recommend a proactive retrofit for all older tubs. Don't wait until its too late!