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Perfect for our claw foot tub…looks great!

Solved my issue!

Purchased a home with a poorly-fitted bathfitter-style tub and surround. Any water that reached the overflow would drain into the ceiling downstairs. Shipping was fast and I am very happy with the coverage this oversized gasket provides, and the sturdiness of the metal plate. I would recommend this product!

Should be OEM on tub overflow valves.

BlueVue should be the go-to OEM install on bathtub overflow valves. It ends the leakage issue so quickly and easily.


I had a plumber come out to replace my overflow gasket using a standard gasket you get at Home Depot/Lowes. When I unscrewed the cover to look at his work, there was a huge gap because the drain is slightly off center. After doing some research found your site, ordered and fits perfectly; only issue is the screw isn’t long enough to compensate for the new cover. Going to Ace Hardware to find a screw but other than that a great product to resolve my issue!


I called customer service to determine what part I needed for my tub overflow configuration. Customer service was knowledge, polite, and very helpful. I ordered the part and it was shipped the same day! It solved my leaky tub overflow problem and also looks great.

I did the trick!

When water was coming from under our floors I was freaking out thinking of the thousands of dollars that it was probably going to costs to repair whatever was wrong. With a Google search of my symptoms I found a video that used this company's gasket so I bought it and sure enough it did the trick! I'm very relieved! I'm not really a person to leave reviews but I really feel that this product is 5 stars!

Good idea, not perfectly executed

The silicone gasket and associated hardware were quite nice. However, the provided screw (1/4-20x2-1/4”) is 1/4” too short to engage in the overflow drain pipe, with a proper “normal” overflow gasket installed. If I take the normal gasket out, I could probably pull in the drain pipe enough to get the provided screw to grab. But since I wanted a “belt and suspenders” solution, I installed a 1/4-20x2-1/2” stainless flat-head screw, and while it doesn’t exactly match the brushed nickel finish, it is close enough. And I’m confident it won’t leak.
It would be better if a slightly longer screw was provided in the kit, especially given the NOT CHEAP price tag.

Great Product

There was a small gap between the tub and the overflow drain line which was solved with this great product. Took less than 5 min to install. No more leak.

it took 5 minutes to install

I bought it because I didn’t want to mess with the old washer and do further damage. It took me 5 minutes to install and It seems to be working great.

Good design but had to tweak

The model we ordered said it was for both single and two-hole mounts. I had to drill out the middle threaded hole (how do you use a threaded hole to tighten to a threaded drain?), and I had to buy a longer screw (same length as a standard overflow screw). All this could have been thought through and documented.
That said - this product is a lifesaver.

Easiest install and better seal then the other products

Big Overflow Cover

My Wife has been looking at the old cover for years, that had some rust on outer edges. I touched up with some white paint, and Blue Vue covers the area perfectly. Cheers

Side drain

First class product AND service. Great experience. Stay away from those thin plastic products from China this was the real deal AND made in USA

BlueVue 1-5/8" Bath Drain Assembly (14-Thread)

Very Satisfied Overall

Needed a good quality replacement part for our shower. It was difficult to find the exact piece so very glad BlueVue carried it. Shipping cost and time very reasonable and the part was exactly as advertised.

Great fit. Easily Repaired Instantly !

Great product. Simple and effective

Fixed my tub overflow leak. Easy to install.

Bluebird saved the day!

I was replacing a tub drain in a tub from 1985. I got the replacement part from Home Depot, and it didn’t fit. I found out that all the stock tub drains from the big box stores are 16 thread and might’ve required a 14 thread tub drain which is almost impossible to find. I found one here on Bluevue, cross my fingers, and it fit like a glove! Thank you Bluevue!!!

Cheap Insurance

If You can turn a screw driver you can install this. Brilliant but simple solution. Everything goes in from the tub side. Should have ordered a second one for the upstairs tub that would take out the utility room ceiling if it leaked.

One of a kind.

My situation was unique in that the bolt housing in the overflow pipe was rusted, fused, and unusable. I managed to save myself from a serious repair headache through the use of ingenuity, super glue, caulk, and the existence of the BlueVue gasket. Without this gasket I could have never fixed my overflow without removing the tub, pipe, and a bunch of drywall and tile.

I absolutely recommend BlueVue products.

Drain Assembly from BlueVue

Ordered it Dec 5th, haven’t received it by Dec 16th. That delivery was very poor. No way it could be tracked in a meaningful manner. Very poor experience with this purchase

Hi Damu,

We see that you're located in Canada--standard shipping from the US to Canada takes anywhere from 7 - 21 days for delivery, which was shown to you when you placed the order. We're sorry about your poor experience with the purchase, but our team shipped out your order within 24 hours of receiving it. Eleven days (from Dec 5 - 16) is well within the appropriate time frame for the shipping fare you paid for.

Nonetheless, please don't hesitate to contact us if there are other issues with your order. Thank you!

The BlueVue Team

No more leak!

My previous overflow gasket fit poorly and leaked, resulting in a big wet spot on the ceiling in the living room located under the master bathroom. I acknowledge there is some possibility that the problem with the previous one was installer error, but regardless, the Bluevue overflow gasket is a great product. Installer error resulting in a leak is extremely unlikely with this product unless the installer is an even bigger doofus than me!

Best solution!

This product works exactly as advertised. Pretty much guarantees the elimination of any leaks. This was so much easier to install than replacing the existing sealant ring!