Overflow Gasket Kit with Trip Lever Cover
Overflow Gasket Kit with Trip Lever Cover
Overflow Gasket Kit with Trip Lever Cover
Overflow Gasket Kit with Trip Lever Cover
Overflow Gasket Kit with Trip Lever Cover

Overflow Gasket Kit with Trip Lever Cover

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  • A newer, quicker design solution for overflow gasket leaks and replacements
  • For trip lever overflows
  • No more leaky bathtubs/overflow drains; save thousands of dollars in potential water damages and repairs
  • Low-cost, DIY installation in 3 minutes without the help of a licensed professional
  • BlueVue trip lever overflow cover included

BlueVue's patented leakproof gasket is available for trip lever drain systems.

The trip lever covers are available in Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze finishes.

This kit contains:

  • Leak-proof silicone gasket (light blue) x 1
  • Leak-proof zinc alloy trip lever face plate x 1
  • 1/4" x 2" stainless steel screw x 2
  • Brass pin x 1
  • Aluminum ring without bar x 1
For additional help with installation, please refer to our instructional video page.

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Customer Reviews

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Great fit. Easily Repaired Instantly !

Cheap Insurance

If You can turn a screw driver you can install this. Brilliant but simple solution. Everything goes in from the tub side. Should have ordered a second one for the upstairs tub that would take out the utility room ceiling if it leaked.

Works as expected

Fits like a glove and infinitely easier than attempting to add a new seal to the existing overflow valve. Only had this installed about a week so I can't speak for it's longevity yet, but so far so good as far as keeping water going where it needs to go and not down into the basement.

Oakland Homeowner
Easiest fix ever

I had a second floor bathtub overflow gasket leak that showed up in my wife's office as an upside Bellagio fountain coming out of her ceiling light fixture. It was during the torrential rains so I wasn't sure what the cause was. I cut a hole in the ceiling sheetrock, stuck my head up there and all was dry. When the water damaged occurred, she was, not coincidentally, taking a bath. I looked at the overflow gasket in that tub....what gasket? It was completely gone. I bought a regular overflow gasket and I haven't sworn like that in a while trying to fit it in. I succeeded but I hated it.

So I bought 3 BlueVue overflow gaskets, all with the trap lever as I have 3 bathtubs. It literally took me 4 minutes a tub to replace them. The only problem I had was the cotter pin they supplied was too thick so I reused the original ones. And I tested all of them (sheetrock still open for the upstairs bathrooms), and absolutely no leaks. Now I don't have to think about them for the rest of my life. A superior product.

Aaron Rood
Awesome product

My retainer bracket had rusted out, my gasket was an odd flat shape, and the drainage hole edges of the tub were starting to rust. This solved all three problems at once. Amazing product I highly recommend it