BlueVue Overflow Gasket for Stopping Tub Leaks
BlueVue Overflow Gasket for Stopping Tub Leaks
BlueVue Overflow Gasket for Stopping Tub Leaks
BlueVue Overflow Gasket for Stopping Tub Leaks

BlueVue Overflow Gasket for Stopping Tub Leaks

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  • A cost-effective, DIY design solution for overflow gasket and tub leaks
  • Intended for two-screw/double-screw mounts (see images)
  • Designed so that installation is easy, cheap, and accessible to anyone
  • Prevent thousands of dollars of potential repairs as a result of flooding and/or water damage

Our patented leakproof gasket can be purchased with BlueVue covers. BlueVue covers are specifically designed with a larger depth to ensure optimal water flow. 

The BlueVue cover fits directly over the gasket and attaches with one screw (included). The covers are available in Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze finishes.

This kit contains:

  • Leak-proof silicone gasket (light blue) x 1
  • Aluminum ring x 1 

For additional help with installation, please refer to our instructional video page.

For our regular-sized and larger-sized overflow gaskets and gasket kits:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James H
Did not seal against tub wall

It simply doesn't work. I screwed the parts in place and it just won't seal against the tub wall, leaving a centimeter wide gap between the rubber gasket and the tub. I messed with this thing for an hour turning it every which way and it simply doesn't work.

the1st Mike C
BlueVue Gaskets are the Best

I would recommend these gaskets. They present a fail-safe way to seal tub drain overflow plumbing.

W Wilson
Great solution

Availability in Canada is an issue. With the dollar exchange and shipping cost it got a little expensive but the end result was perfect for our needs.

Mark Demechko
Great seal and deal

I used this gasket to eliminate a leak in my tub overflow drain. It was easy to install and had no leaks whatsoever when tested.

Wellington Williams
Thumbs up!!!

No more leaking tub overflow.